Monthly archives: October, 2016

We Decided to Rent for a Year or Two Before Buying a House

We talked about getting a house when we got married. We had a little money for a down payment, and we had zero balances on all credit cards except one. And it was only a couple hundred dollars. We considered a mortgage, but we thought we wanted to see what apartment living could be like. We started looking for nice apartments near Alamo Heights when we looked at our work schedule and the time we would have to devote to the upkeep of a home. Or, in our case, renovating an older home we would likely have ended up buying. I am not so sure we could have afforded to build a place with our credit yet.

The goal is to buy a big piece of rural property and build the home of our dreams on it. However, we may need a year or two in an apartment. That being the case, we decided to be very particular about the apartments near Alamo Heights that we would even consider for renting. The interiors had to be super clean. They had to provide new appliances. We insisted on a parking garage to protect our vehicles. We also insisted on modern interiors. We did not want any dated place to live. We also insisted on the place having a dog park for our crazy Jack Russell terrier.

We found some very nice apartments near Alamo Heights. They have the dog park we wanted plus a nice swimming pool and cabanas. I could swim every day rain or shine. I like to hit the pool early and get a lot of laps in before the casual swimmers come in and take over. We would have had to spend a fortune to get all this stuff in buying a new home. We made a good choice when we chose to rent instead.