Let’s Change the Rules for Cable

When I decided that I needed to change television providers, I realized that I only had a limited number of options available to me. I was surprised by how restricted things had become in this industry but luckily I was able to find Direct TV in New York – you would have thought that might be more in New York of all places but unfortunately a handful of companies have done everything that they can in order to take control over the industry. In every case that this has happened in the history of any industry, bad things have followed suit.

Unfortunately, the time where Congress was able to make meaningful changes has long passed and we now face a time where Congress is nothing but lawmakers for those that put money in their pocket. The time of the politician appears to be over as we now have only corporate shills who are the beck and call of lobbying groups. It’s absurd that our country has reached this point in time but I hope that it wont always be the case – even if that future is looking pretty grim, I still hold out that the FCC will do something, anything, about their abuse of the industry.

They don’t even compete against each other. When they do exist in the same market together, which is rare, they do no competing. This should be illegal. If they exist as competition, they should not be allowed to collude together. They have to provide different prices and options rather than merely offering nearly the exact same kinds of services for the exact same prices. This has to change as we the consumers are the ones who are being taken advantage of and it is our money that is coming out of our pockets every time we pay the bill!

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