Something Special for Our Christmas Rave

Even though I really enjoy going to raves, I usually do not get all decked out like a lot of the other girls who go there. I am most comfortable in my jeans, but I will usually wear a neon tee shirt or blouse along with some funky jewelry to keep myself relevant. The only time I really go all out is when it is a special occasion, like last year’s Christmas rave. I knew my boyfriend wanted both of us to dress up for this, and I actually wanted to do that myself because of some rave costumes I had seen the previous year.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and getting to combine that with my love of raves is something too irresistible to pass up. I started looking a couple of months earlier for the perfect costume, and I was able to find exactly what I wanted from one website. I had thought that I was going to have to mix and match different pieces from different companies, but this one company had anything and everything I could possibly want. The rave costumes for Christmas were sexy and fun, and I knew that my boyfriend and I would get a lot of compliments.

The hardest part for me was choosing which one to get. There were so many complete outfits that I knew I wanted, but the Christmas rave was just one night. That meant I had to look at each costume in detail since I would only be able to pick out one. I decided to go with the Elf costume because it was green, which is my favorite color. The stockings, gloves and hair band that goes with it is simply perfect too, and I was right about the two of us receiving a lot of compliments. My boyfriend also went as a macho elf, and everyone thought we looked great!

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