The Future of Google Advertising

As I was looking for a new home insurance company, it seems as if my mind had been read. This morning I opened up my Gmail to see ” insure your Highland Park home!” in one of the subject lines. Sometimes, Google can be a little bit creepy with just how accurate they are. They seem to know exactly what you want before you event want it – I have even heard that they are actively trying to make this kind of technology become a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google and despite how much information they have on me, I don’t mind it.

It makes you kind of wonder what kind of information they will be able to collect once more people begin wearing Google glass. I have no doubt that they will soon be able to augment our reality with something like this – just imagine being able to go shopping and have an item you might want to buy suddenly light up with a price tag hovering above it? Your entire shopping experience might change completely – it could become so refined and fine tuned that only those items you might be interested will be alerted to you!

Even better, just think of yourself walking down the street when suddenly an arrow pops up directing you to your right, a street you might have never taken before! A small video pops up along with it, telling you all about this new restaurant that just opened up with reviews as well as an interactive menu that will let you order as you walk to it! Now that is the kind of data collection I would be all for. Right now we’re still in the stone age of advertising but it won’t be long before advertising and data collection for it improves.

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