Why a Professional is Better Than a Handyman

My best friend does not have a lot of disposable income, so she has to take shortcuts here and there to make ends meet. When her house needed a new roof, she considered hiring a handyman who had advertised very cheap rates in the local paper. I knew that this would be a mistake on such a major job, and it did not take long for me to convince her that she needed to look at professional roof installation in NYC options. I simply laid out all of the facts for her, and she agreed that this was one time when hiring a professional was the only answer.

The main reason is because a professional roofing company knows exactly what they are doing. They are not fixing a broken lock one day and installing a shelf the next, and perhaps doing a bit of roof work once or twice in their careers. A professional is only going to do roofs, which means they have experience day in and day out. This also means they know all of the safety precautions to take. They already have the gear that they need to ensure they do not fall off the roof or ladder!

I also explained that the work they do is going to be under warranty, while she is going to have to just accept whatever a handyman does, whether it is a good job or not. If she is not satisfied with a roofer’s work though, she has more options. Like I said, it did not take long to convince her, and she found a company that was able to put a new roof on her house for an amount that she was happy with. She did have to take out a home improvement loan, but it was well worth the cost!

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